Journal Entry: Timing

Peter Phifer died in 2005 and I“discovered” him in 2007, which marks the beginning of my search for others. Since then I have discovered many more fabled lives. Importantly, two of them died after I started looking, Humphry Dunphy and B.B. Little. So I hold out some hope I might yet meet one of them while they live. But the hope is not strong. The key to finding them is always their obituary and they all seem to have been brought into history near the beginning of the 20th Century. The question is, how far into the last century did this phenomenon occur? For all I know, it could still be happening. My instincts tell me that this is not the case, that they arrived when they arrived for a reason. It feels like a window is closing. It’s not a feeling I am prepared to defend but I cannot shake this idea that I don’t have more than a few years left to meet a reincarnated fable still living.

Would meeting one of them help me understand why they were pushed out from the world of words into our world? Probably not. They would not know what I was talking about if I tried to explain. And yet the hope persists, that looking into the eyes of a fable, even an unwitting one, might reveal a secret.


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