Happy Hanger

Archival reference FW080991 / Box 1 / Item 1 / [Frederick Weaver] Coat Hanger


Notes from file: The property now known as the “Weaver Compound” remains¬†as a small tourist attraction and pilgrimage destination for the few who still follow Frederick Weaver’s teachings. The gift shop sells “Happy Hangers” for $9.99. For $50 one can purchase what they claim are Happy Hangers that were actually used by Weaver; however, it should be noted that these hangers were also on sale during his lifetime. Sources tell this archivist that all the hangers in Weaver’s closet would be cleared and replaced several times a month to replenish stock in the gift shop, which was at the time named the “Happiness Annex.” There is no way to know if the hanger purchased is authentic to Weaver’s lifetime but it is, perhaps, worth mentioning that this archivist received a 75% “researchers” discount.