Bushel Basket

Archival reference PP020405 / Shelf 3 / Item 2  [Pete Phifer] Bushel Basket


The bushel basket Pete Phifer used when he broke the state record for picking peppers earned a place in the produce section of the first Phifer Grocery store on Main Street, where is was always filled with peppers. Phifer considered it good luck and it remained in the store for decades, a tag hanging from the handle with a simple note in recognition of its place in history. When his record was broken, Phifer retired the basket to his barn where it held a dozen or more balls that were used for playing fetch with the dogs. That is where this archivist came upon it, only a fragment of the identifying tag remaining. Phifer’s daughter, Polly, confirmed it was the basket that held the record setting peppers and did not hesitate in letting it go, with the provision that she could get it back if the need arose, though she couldn’t imagine what that need might be.