Bug Sprayer

Archival reference PM091098 / Box 1 / Item 1  [Patience Muffet] Bug Sprayer


sprayOn a trip to visit Patience’s partner, Mary, this archivist also visited the property where Patience and Mary lived and where the extermination business was originally located. The Muffet family still own the property, though only a grand nephew and some of his college classmates live in the house now. The old barn is long gone, replaced by a workshop Patience and Mary built for their hobbies. It was on a shelf in the workshop that the bug sprayer was found and the archivist was permitted to borrow it until, the grand nephew said, “You know, my mom or somebody asks about it.” The bug sprayer was shown to Mary during an interview and she confirmed it belonged to Patience and was of the type she was using the day they met.