Bricklayers Trowl

Archival reference HD120513 / Box 1 / Item 1  [Humphry Dunphy] Bricklayers Trowel


This bricklayers trowel was found in a box with several different types of trowels in a storage unit owned by the son of one of Mr. Dunphy’s close friends. The box was labelled “Humphry.” The son had known Dunphy and thought of him as an uncle. His dad had died not long after Dunphy and the son found the box in the garage. He could not explain why he kept the box and he offered a trowel, though this archivist had not asked to have one. He said that one day the box would be opened by someone who had no idea what they were or who they belonged to, and it would end up in the trash or donated anyway. He said he was “donating it to research.”