The artifacts, the objects, are important to me because I need to touch something, hold in my hand part of the life I think might be half-imagined. Even with an object in my hand, these lives remain ephemeral to me. The lives themselves are always real, a matter of record, simple facts of history. What these lives meant, what they might be beyond what they were is always… always a matter of imagination. I’ve taken some solace in the fact that many great discoveries begin with imagination.

It doesn’t matter to me that the objects themselves don’t prove anything. I cling to them.


Archival reference RC011195 / Box 1 / File LB1  [Rosemary Capshaw] Newspaper Clipping

Archival reference PM091198 / Box 3 / File ME6  [Patience Muffet] Business Card

Archival reference JS040204 / Box 1 / Item 1 / [Jackson Sprigs] Magic Wand

Archival reference MB042800 / Box 1 / Item 3 [Mavis Blucher] Shoe Form

Archival reference FB0349110 / Box 2 / Item 1 [Frank Barlow] Shears

Archival reference FW080991 / Box 1 / Item 1 / [Frederick Weaver] Coat Hanger

Archival reference RC011195 / Box 1 / Item 1  [Rosemary Capshaw] Rolling Pin.

Archival reference PH062300 / Box 1 / Envelope 1  [Penny Henderson] Skylab Patch.

Archival reference PP020405 / Shelf 3 / Item 2  [Pete Phifer] Bushel Basket

Archival reference HD120513 / Box 1 / Item 1  [Humphry Dunphy] Bricklayers Trowel

Archival reference PM091098 / Box 1 / Item 1 [Patience Muffet] Bug Sprayer

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